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The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Consumers are constantly changing preferences. This brings exciting new challenges for marketers to capture the attention of consumers and their changing interests. With high competition in most industries, keeping your brand in front of consumers is essential to generate new business and maintain customer relationships. Here is how you can increase your company’s brand awareness from a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Company.

Grab the Right Attention

We’re all familiar with the saying “any publicity is good publicity.” However, when it comes to digital marketing, capturing the right attention is crucial. This can save you both time and money in online marketing. To capture the attention of the right audience, your brand needs to have a clear and concise message that speaks to people. Once you have captured the attention of the right audience, you’re in a perfect position to increase brand awareness.

Grab the Right Attention


Stay Relevant

Consumers now crave intimacy, especially from the brands and companies they love. Companies that stay relevant connect with their audience and evolve with them. An example of this is Coca-Cola. The famous beverage company not only creates intimate campaigns, they are also seen everywhere. Additionally, their strategy continues to evolve. Staying relevant and creating intimacy with your audience will not only create brand awareness, it will also result in brand loyalty.

Utilize All Platforms

In today’s digital age, one platform is not enough. Consumers need to find your company on all platforms. If you are not utilizing all digital channels, you are likely missing out on leads. Posting to all platforms does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. There are many services that can streamline the process and keep your content consistent. In this way, your audience will be able to connect with your brand on all platforms and you can maximize opportunities.

Utilize All Platforms


Increase Brand Awareness with A Los Angeles Digital Marketing Company

Increasing brand awareness and connecting with your target audience does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Contact Digital Resource, a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Company, to assist you with your digital marketing strategy. With a great team, your company can create new leads through brand awareness.


Chicago Local SEO Company | 3 Local SEO Tips

Ranking high in local searches is essential for growing your business and staying ahead of the competition. With so many options available to consumers, new and returning customers need to be able to access your information online quickly. To help your business grow, here are three tips from a Chicago local SEO company that can help boost your rankings.

Tip #1: Consistent NAP

Consistency is key when it comes to local SEO. This is essential when it comes to the name, address and phone number (NAP) of your business. Make sure this information is available on all of your company’s channels. Additionally, make sure that the format of the NAP is the same on every single page it is listed on. With consistency, you can boost your SEO and make your business more visible to customers.

Where can I find the best Chicago local SEO company?

Tip #2: Get Customer Reviews

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for online reviews to help make purchasing decisions. Both Google and potential customers love online reviews. To help boost your ranking on Google, ask your patients, clients or customers to write online reviews for your business. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your ranking on Google. Additionally, customers will see the reviews, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your business.

Where can I find the best Chicago local SEO company?

Tip #3: Content is King

Content on your website is great for customers to learn more about your products and services. It is also great for helping your business rank higher on local SEO. However, be careful not just to publish content for the sake of filling up your website. Your content should have value for the consumer, and take an informative and educational approach. Additionally, the content should have local reference to help boost your SEO rankings.

Where Can I Find a Chicago Local SEO Company?

To get your business to the top of Google, your SEO strategy needs to be competitive and consistent. Contact Digital Resource, a Chicago Local SEO Company, to assist you along the way. With the right strategy in place, your business will see the results and grow from local SEO.

Digital Marketing Campaign | Which Metrics Should My Business Measure?

When it comes to digital marketing, launching a campaign and calling it a day isn’t enough. Digital marketing is not a one and done type of job. Your campaign requires constant vigilance and optimization in order to guarantee long-term success. And the only way to tell which parts of your digital marketing campaign work and which parts need to be changed is through the measurement and analysis of certain metrics.


Metrics are the foundation for any successful campaign. In fact, these measurable values used by businesses to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns are not only the foundation but also the key to beating your competition and getting more customers. However, with so many metrics for each and every campaign, knowing which ones to pay attention to may seem overwhelming. But don’t worry and instead keep reading for your ultimate list of the most important digital marketing metrics that your business needs to measure!

14 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing metrics typically fall within one of three categories: traffic generation metrics, conversion metrics, and revenue metrics. Each of these categories focuses on a specific area of your campaign and you need to measure all in order to see results.

Traffic Generation Tips

Traffic Generation Metrics

Traffic generation metrics are crucial for digital marketing campaigns, specifically search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The traffic generation metrics your business needs to measure includes:

– Overall Site Traffic
– Traffic Sources
– Mobile Traffic
– Cost per Click (CPC)
– Click Through Rate (CTR)

Conversion Metrics

Conversion metrics measure how much of your website traffic turns into business leads and/or outright sales, which is the primary purpose for any digital marketing campaign. The conversion metrics your business needs to measure includes:

Conversion Rate (CVR)
– Cost per Lead (CPL)
– Bounce Rate
– Average Page Views per Visit
– Average Cost per Page View
– Average Time Spent on Site
– Rate of Return Visitors

Revenue Metrics

Revenue metrics inform you whether or not a particular campaign is profitable so you can make the proper adjustments and optimize your content to achieve better engagement, more conversions, and larger revenues. The revenue metrics your business needs to measure includes:

– Return on Investment (ROI)
– Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC)

revenue metrics

Are You Ready to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

There’s no better time than right now to launch a digital marketing campaign and utilize the metrics above for optimal success. For the best internet marketing company to launch your campaign, look no further than Digital Resource. Our experienced team of digital marketers has what it takes to launch your digital marketing campaign, measure metrics, and optimize your campaign so that you can leave your competition in the dust. Contact us to get started today!

Best Internet Marketing Company | Can Emails Grow My Business?

Do you want your business to grow? Then it might be time to start sending out some emails. Email marketing, which is the practice of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email, is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and site visits exponentially. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to learn about some shocking facts that prove that email marketing can make your business more successful than ever before!

19 Facts that Prove the Power of Email Marketing

Email 2

Email Usage Statistics

– 4.3 million email accounts send almost 200 billion emails every day.
– 81% of internet users utilize their smartphones to check their email at least once a day.
– 91% of all consumers in the US use email on a daily basis.
– 64% of decision makers read their emails.

General Email Marketing Statistics

– 85% of US businesses consider email marketing as one of the most effective ways to acquire customers.
– 44% of people who receive targeted emails buy at least one item because of the email’s promotional message.

Email Marketing vs. Other Tactics

– 77% of consumers prefer businesses to use emails for marketing communications.
– 89% of businesses say that email is their primary channel for generating leads.
– Emails convert 3 times as many people than social media.
– Email delivers a return of investment (ROI) at least 3 times more than social media with an average order value 17% higher.
– Your business is 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than from a tweet.
– A message is 5 times more likely to be seen in an email than on Facebook.

Psychology of Email Recipients

– Red links in emails lead to 52% more clicks than blue links.
– Emails with 6-10 words in the subject line have the highest open rate (21%).
– 32% of millennials want to see fewer repetitive emails from businesses.

Mobile Email Statistics

– More than 2.28 million people access their email on their mobile device.
– Mobile email will account for 15 to 70% of email opens and depends on your target audience, product, and type of email.
– Email replies sent from smartphones are 54% faster than those sent from desktop computers.
– Business to consumer emails get 57.4% more opens on mobile devices than business to business emails.

email 3

Where Can I Find the Best Internet Marketing Company?

The above facts make it clear: emails are a great way to make your business grow in the digital world. But email marketing only works if it does right, and the best way to guarantee effective emails is by teaming up with the best internet marketing company. Luckily, you can find the best internet marketing right here! Contact Digital Resource to start growing your business through email marketing today!