West Palm Beach Web Design | Your Ultimate Homepage Checklist

Your homepage is one of the most important, if not the most important, page on your website. In the digital world, the internet acts as a virtual street, with countless companies vying for the attention of potential customers. And in this landscape, your homepage is your business’s storefront window. It is a peek inside your website. It shows visitors what you have to offer. Just like shoppers looking through a window in the real world, a website visitor will look at this window and make a very quick decision about whether or not you will be of any benefit to them. As a result,in order to convert your website traffic into leads and sales, it’s essential to use the best possible West Palm Beach web design on your homepage. Keep reading to get the key elements that every homepage needs to achieve an awesome conversion rate!

5 West Palm Beach Web Design Elements Every Homepage Needs


1.Headline and Sub-Headline

Your homepage needs to start off with an effective headline that answers, within 3 seconds, “What does this business offer?”. Make sure that you skip the fluff and keep your headline clear and simple. Then, add a sub-headline that goes a little more in-depth and offers a brief description about what you do. These headlines are the perfect place to be different and show how you can be of value to the visitor.

2. Call-to-Actions

The best way to convert potential customers that visitor your site into actual customers is by including multiple calls-to-action. Try to offer two or three attention-grabbing call-to-actions that map to different stages of the buying cycle. Also, don’t forget to display calls-to-action for visitors at the bottom of your homepage for even more lead generation opportunities.

3. Testimonials

Social proof is a powerful way to build trust and show site visitors that you’re the real deal. As a result, you need to include a few of your best testimonials on your homepage. Make your testimonials even more real by adding a name and photo next to the quote.

4. Images

Most people are visual, so appeal to these senses by incorporating supporting images throughout your West Palm Beach web design. However, don’t just use random pictures. Instead, make sure that you incorporate an image that clearly indicates what your business has to offer. In addition to images, short videos are a great feature to add to your homepage as well.

5. Navigation

If your visitors don’t have clear path into your site from your homepage, they will likely leave and go to a competitor’s site. Decrease bounce rates by making your navigation visible at the top of the page. Keep it simple too.

New Picture

Start adding all of these essential elements to your homepage and start seeing how much your business can grow. Guarantee a high-converting homepage for your business’s website by contacting our West Palm Beach web design experts. Here at Digital Resource, we will help your business reach new levels of success through proven West Palm Beach web design and internet marketing tactics. Get a FREE website analysis from us today!


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