Web Design Agency | What Design Elements Convert Web Traffic?

A great website design is an important part of any companies online strategy. Since majority of people are turning to the web for information, it’s important your business is on able to be found. Sometimes though, it takes more than just being able to be found online. A great website can help you gain new customers, keep returning ones, and overall increase business. While you may be aware of some of the most common website design trends, you may be skipping over another element that usually goes unnoticed. We wrote a past blog about psychology principles that affect social media engagement, but did you know there are also psychological factors that can help you increase conversions on your website? Our web design agency put together a list of these elements to help you convert your visitors into customers, so keep reading!


As you may know, different colors evoke different emotions. Because of this, it’s important to choose colors that reflect how you want your users to feel when they come to your site. Not only is it important to choose colors that reflect your business but also to choose a color scheme that stands out, so you are more memorable. If your colors match what you do, people are more likely to connect the two next time they see those colors. For example, a hardware store’s first choice would probably not be hot pink. Choosing irrelevant colors will only confuse the consumer and not attract them to stay and browse your site. Another thing to consider is your audience. If you are targeting solely men or solely women, the color scheme you choose should be corresponding to each specific group.

Reading Pattern

You only have a few seconds to capture a user’s attention when they reach your site. Because of this, your website needs to have a layout that makes the user hit all of the most important points first. How do you do this? Simply, follow a “Z” layout. This layout resembles the letter Z and is the most common way users follow information on a website. This “Z” layout helps users more effectively and more quickly navigate to the most important things on your site.

Generally, the points are as follows:

1. Logo
2. Links & information related to your business
3. Some type of visual icons to explain how your service or product is beneficial
4. Some sort of call-to-action so users can take immediate action


This layout will allow users to easily guide themselves across your page with ease, while noticing the most important aspects.

Social Proof

The last psychological element to help increase conversions on your website is to include social proof. Social proof is a phenomenon that says other people’s choices will influence others behaviors in certain situations and cause them to conform to those same actions under the assumption that those actions reflect correct behavior. And with studies showing that 70% of people look at reviews before making a purchase, social proof is a critical element. Having a page solely dedicated to testimonials or having testimonials throughout your web pages will help create this social proof, and start to build trust with potential consumers.

Do you need a West Palm Beach Web Design Agency?

If your website doesn’t reflect your business or show consumers how you want to be seen, you need an experienced web design agency to help fix that! Our web design team in West Palm Beach are experts in creating the best website for a variety of industries. If you need an updated site or a completely new website, contact our Web Design Agency at 561-429-2585 today! You can also get a FREE internet marketing analysis and see how your online presence is doing right now!


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