Keyword Research | Don’t Make These Mistakes

Keywords are the backbone to every SEO strategy. Keywords are the words or phrases that Internet browsers type into search engines. Thinking about the words you want to rank for is the first and foremost step you need to take when building a website. When done right, using keywords can skyrocket the success of your business. When done wrong, you can lose out on a plethora of potential customers. Despite it’s importance, most people still make numerous mistakes when conducting keyword research. Don’t make the same mistakes. Keep reading to learn about the most common mistakes before you dive into keyword research for your business!

Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

3 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

Keyword Mistake #1: Selecting Irrelevant Keywords

Just because a keyword has a high search volume in your industry doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to your target audience. Many people ignore this fact, however, and select irrelevant keywords. It doesn’t matter how much other people search terms in your field if it doesn’t match what your customers are searching for. You need to choose keywords that reflect your customers, the language they use, and what problem they are hoping to solve. The keywords you are aiming to rank for should be the same words your customers use.

For example: ‘Canine vaccinations’ might be a popular term in the veterinary industry, but ‘shots for dogs’ is a much more relevant term among people trying to find a vet.

Keyword Mistake #2: Aiming for Unrealistic Keywords

Some industries are extremely competitive. Ranking for highly popular keywords is possible, but is extremely hard if you’re just starting your website or business. Try not to focus on competitive keywords. Make sure to aim for keywords that you actually have a chance to get to the first page of Google for. Try to focus on long-tail keywords. They are easier to rank for and have a higher chance to convert.

For example: Instead of trying to rank for the term ‘dentist’ try to rank for ‘cosmetic dentist in Florida’

Keyword Mistake #3: Not Doing Keyword Research

Surprisingly, the most common research mistake is not doing keyword research at all. While it sounds like common sense, the majority of businesses do not conduct proper keyword research. They just assume that they already know what their audience is searching for. It is essential to take the time to conduct keyword research using keyword tools such as Google AdWords. The result of this research should be an extensive list of keywords that you would like to rank for. Your audience may change, so make sure to update your keywords regularly.


Stop selecting irrelevant keywords, aiming for unrealistic keywords, and not conducting proper keyword research and start reaping the benefits of a successful SEO strategy today! If you’re interested in learning more about keyword research, contact us! We are an internet marketing agency in South Florida that specializes in helping businesses grow in the digital world! Get a free SEO analysis from us today!


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