Internet Marketing Strategy | The Importance of Diversification

Are you struggling to get customers online? If yes, you probably aren’t diversifying your Internet marketing strategy enough. It is impossible to get the results you want if you’re using only one digital marketing channel to promote your brand, products, and services. Keep reading to find out all the reasons why diversification is an essential part of any Internet marketing strategy!

Reasons to Diversify Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Reasons to Diversify Your Internet Marketing Strategy

1) To Reach a Wider Audience

Every business owners need to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all social media platform. Different channels exist to cater to different types of audiences. Every member of your target audience is different, and every member uses different combination of channels. For example, one potential customer might be active on social media, but then never checks their emails (or vice-versa). 81% of consumers conduct online research before they decide what products or services to buy. Diversifying ensures that your target audience will be able to find you, no matter what channel they go on.

2) To Drive More Traffic

Link building and generating traffic should not focus on a single channel. While you can generate potential customers by using only one platform, you can quadruple that percentage with diversification. Search engines generate 70-80% of traffic while other marketing channels generate the other 20-30%. You’ll have more opportunities to get ranked for keywords by link building and being present on as many Internet marketing channels as possible.

3) To Build Your Brand

The more platforms your business is present on, the greater your brand will grow. Diversification creates awareness of your brand, products, and services. People will be able to recognize your logo, personality, and mission when you make use of multiple digital marketing channels. Being present, no matter where they go to find you, will also prove that you are a dependable brand that customers can trust.

Internet Marketing Channels to Consider

There are numerous reasons to diversify your Internet marketing strategy. You can reach audiences like never before, drive more traffic, and build a recognizable brand. Also, if one of the channels fails, you still have others to fall back on. Now that you know why you should diversify, it’s time to learn which digital marketing channels you should diversify with.

The 5 major platforms include: content marketing (i.e. blogs), email marketing, SEO, social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.) and pay-per-click advertising. You may feel comfortable using only one or two of these, but you MUST utilize all of them to ensure an effective digital marketing campaign. Once you start diversifying, the results will speak for itself.


You are wasting the opportunity to grow your business in the digital world if you only use one digital channel platform. Between content, social media, emails, search engines, and online ads, there are countless options that can generate leads and sales for your business. Start getting the most out of your Internet marketing strategy by diversifying your efforts today! If you have any questions about Internet marketing, Digital Resource can provide the answers! Connect with our digital marketing company in West Palm Beach online today!


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