Digital Marketing Campaign | Which Metrics Should My Business Measure?

When it comes to digital marketing, launching a campaign and calling it a day isn’t enough. Digital marketing is not a one and done type of job. Your campaign requires constant vigilance and optimization in order to guarantee long-term success. And the only way to tell which parts of your digital marketing campaign work and which parts need to be changed is through the measurement and analysis of certain metrics.


Metrics are the foundation for any successful campaign. In fact, these measurable values used by businesses to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns are not only the foundation but also the key to beating your competition and getting more customers. However, with so many metrics for each and every campaign, knowing which ones to pay attention to may seem overwhelming. But don’t worry and instead keep reading for your ultimate list of the most important digital marketing metrics that your business needs to measure!

14 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing metrics typically fall within one of three categories: traffic generation metrics, conversion metrics, and revenue metrics. Each of these categories focuses on a specific area of your campaign and you need to measure all in order to see results.

Traffic Generation Tips

Traffic Generation Metrics

Traffic generation metrics are crucial for digital marketing campaigns, specifically search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The traffic generation metrics your business needs to measure includes:

– Overall Site Traffic
– Traffic Sources
– Mobile Traffic
– Cost per Click (CPC)
– Click Through Rate (CTR)

Conversion Metrics

Conversion metrics measure how much of your website traffic turns into business leads and/or outright sales, which is the primary purpose for any digital marketing campaign. The conversion metrics your business needs to measure includes:

Conversion Rate (CVR)
– Cost per Lead (CPL)
– Bounce Rate
– Average Page Views per Visit
– Average Cost per Page View
– Average Time Spent on Site
– Rate of Return Visitors

Revenue Metrics

Revenue metrics inform you whether or not a particular campaign is profitable so you can make the proper adjustments and optimize your content to achieve better engagement, more conversions, and larger revenues. The revenue metrics your business needs to measure includes:

– Return on Investment (ROI)
– Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC)

revenue metrics

Are You Ready to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

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Internet Marketing Strategy | Is Email Marketing Worth It?

As a business, you may wonder whether or not email marketing is worth your time and energy. Well, we are here to tell you that it is. In fact, if you want your business’s internet marketing strategy to be successful, you MUST add email marketing into the mix. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to learn about some mind-blowing statistics about the power of email that every business of every size needs to know!

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22 Shocking Email Marketing Statistics

1. 92% of adults utilize email and 61% of adults use email on a daily basis.
2. Email accounts around the world are expected to increase by the billions every year.
3. Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users with 75% of them accessing their accounts through their mobile devices.
4. More than 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.
5. 23% of people who open an email on a mobile device open it again later.
6. 82% of businesses use email marketing as an internet marketing strategy.
7. Transactional emails generate 6 times the revenue and have 8 times more clicks and opens that any other type of email.
8. Email messages that are personalized get 14% more click-through rates, 10% more conversions, and 6 times the transactions.
9. 74% o businesses state that targeted personalization increases customer engagement.
10. Email marketing is 40 times more effective at getting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
11. An email is 5 times more likely to be seen than a Facebook post.
12. Email marketing has a return of investment (ROI) of 3800%.
13. An email’s open rate is the highest when companies send 2 emails per month.
14. Businesses see a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.
15. Employees spend an average 13 hours at the workplace every week reading emails.
16. Email marketing leads to more conversions than any other internet marketing strategy, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.
17. Conversions increase by 28% when emails include a call-to-action button instead of a text link.
18. 83% of B2B companies utilize email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy.
19. 53% of businesses witness a significant impact on their revenue thanks to ongoing, personalized communication.
20. 81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on the buying habits were likely to make a purchase because of a targeted email.
21. 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email while only 17% prefer to receive it via social media.
22. 90% of emails get delivered to the intended recipients inbox.

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Are You Ready to Add Email Marketing to Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Based on the statistics above, it’s clear that if your business doesn’t have email marketing as part of its internet marketing strategy, it’s time to start. But it’s not enough just to do email marketing. You need to do it right. For the best email marketing, look no further than Digital Resource. Our email marketing team knows the most effective tactics to guarantee results. Contact us to start your email marketing campaign today!

Web Marketing Company | 14 B2B Internet Marketing Facts to Know

Social media, SEO, content marketing, online advertising, website design, and all other facets of internet marketing aren’t just important for B2C businesses. They are also crucial to B2B businesses. As a result, you want to develop a digital strategy that effectively grabs and maintains the attention of your target clients. But if you don’t know the first thing about digital marketing, don’t worry, our web marketing company is here to assist you. Keep reading for 14 vital insights into the current state of B2B internet marketing.

The Most Important B2B Digital Marketing Statistics

B2B Marketing

B2B Mobile Usability

– 84% of millennial B2B buyers believe their mobile devices are essential to their work.
– 76% of gen Xers (36 to 51 year olds) and 60% of baby boomers (ages 52+) think that mobile usage is mandatory for B2B work.
Only 50% of B2B companies have a responsive website – so, launching one can grant you a competitive edge.
– 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device, which proves that mobile-friendly email is also crucial.

B2B Buyers

– 71% of B2B researchers begin their research with a Google search.
– More than half of B2B researchers are millennial, which is a 70% increase since 2012.
– 81% of non-senior staff have a major influence over purchasing decisions, despite 64% of senior level employees having the final authority in purchases.

B2B Social Media Marketing

– LinkedIn is the most effective social media marketing platform with 94% of B2B businesses currently using it as a tactic and 66% of users reporting that they get good results from the sight.
– Instagram has the highest interaction rate followed by Facebook, LinkedIn, and then Twitter.
– Instagram is the fasted growing platform with 300 million daily users and only 33% of B2B brands currently present on the platform.

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

– 89% of B2B businesses use content marketing as a strategy – so, if you aren’t, it’s a great idea to start.
– 62% of of B2B businesses report that their content marketing efforts are more successful than it was just one year ago.
– Only 6% state that their level of content marketing is as advanced as it needs to be for success.
– 85% of businesses’ success came down to improving the quality and efficiency of their content.

Where Can I Find the Best Web Marketing Company?

Now that you know the facts, it’s time to put this knowledge into action! Unfortunately, effective internet marketing takes a lot of time, skill, and effort. As a result, your best bet is to team up with a reputable web marketing company. For the best web marketing company for your business, look no further than Digital Resource. Our experienced team of internet marketers is fully prepared to take your business to the next level. Request a FREE internet marketing analysis to get started today. 


Facebook Marketing | Should My Business Use Facebook Ads?

It’s no secret: when it comes to social media, Facebook reigns supreme. As a result, if you’re a business considering which social media platforms it should be present on, Facebook should definitely be one of them. While having a Facebook business page may seem obvious, deciding whether or not your business should implement a Facebook ad campaign may not be as simple. Well, we are here to tell that Facebook ads are a MUST for any and all Facebook marketing strategies. Why are Facebook ads so important for business success? Keep reading to learn the top 3 reasons!

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook Ads


Your Customers Spend Most of Their Time on Facebook

What’s one huge reason why your business should start using Facebook ads? Facebook is where your customers are! In fact, 80% of all internet users and more than 2 billion people are on Facebook at least once a month. And Facebook isn’t just for younger generations. 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. Not to mention, most of these people use Facebook multiple times per day. As a result, no matter who your customers are, chances are that they are on Facebook and that they are on it daily. So if you aren’t using Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to get the attention and business of all your customers.

Facebook Ads Are the Most Targeted Type of Ads

Another major reason why your business needs Facebook ads is its aptitude to reach the exact audience you want to reach. These ads grant you’re the ability to send your business’s message to people of specific ages, interests, behaviors, and locations. Other forms of advertising, such as television commercials, radio ads, and billboards, certainly can’t do that!As a result, as long as you know who your desired market is, Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising available today.

Facebook Ads Are Extremely Affordable

The final reason why your business needs Facebook ads that we will touch upon is its low price. In fact, Facebook ads are one of the cheapest forms of advertising available to businesses today. You can literally spend just $5, the same price as a meal from a fast food restaurant or a beverage from a coffee shop, to reach 1,000 of your target customers. No other method of advertising can offer a deal even close to that!


Want to Learn More About Facebook Marketing?

If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing and advertising, our experienced social media marketing team at Digital Resource can assist you. But that’s not all. In addition to answering any questions you may have about Facebook, we can also implement an effective Facebook ad campaign so you can begin reaping all of the benefits of the crucial aspect of the Facebook marketing world. Contact our social media marketing team to get started today!


5 Content Mistakes to Avoid | Content Marketing Company

When it comes to internet marketing, content is king. Incorporating content into your digital strategy holds countless benefits for all types of industries and businesses, from increased search rankings to brand awareness and everything in between. However, despite its importance, countless businesses continue to make detrimental mistakes with their content. Luckily, our content marketing company is here to make sure that business succeeds. Keep reading to learn 5 common content marketing mistakes businesses make and how you can avoid them!

Targeted Keywords

Mistake #1: Being Too Sales Oriented

Focusing on your products and services to explicitly promote your business is a total content marketing faux pas. Not to mention, browsers can always tell when a business is crafting content solely to sell yourself. Instead, create educational, informative, and entertaining content. By doing this, you build an audience that is loyal to your business, which increases the chances that they will use you for your products or services in the future.

Mistake #2: Not Writing for a Target Audience

Another content mistake that our content marketing company sees time and time again is writing about general topics for no specific audience and ignoring the issues your target buyers have. This content error may still attract readers to your site, but these are not the type of readers that will turn into customers, which is the whole point of content marketing. Luckily, you can fix this problem by putting a little bit of extra work into your content strategy. Find out who your target buyers are and then research their challenges and motivations. Then tailor your content to address these specific issues.

Mistake #3: Optimizing Too Much or Not at All

While search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to content marketing success, it’s important not to do too much or too little optimization. Avoid overstuffing your content with keywords and links. But also don’t ignore SEO tactics altogether. How can you optimize your content the perfect amount to achieve great rankings? It’s simple. Instead of writing for Google spiders, write for the people while still using SEO best practices throughout each and every content piece.

Mistake #4: Not Maintaining a Consistent Schedule

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is key. As a result, posting content randomly, too often, or infrequently can cause serious problems with your audience. They will either feel overwhelmed by the number of posts or forget that your business even exists. Instead, if you want to keep your loyal audience, make a content schedule and stick to it.

Social Media

Mistake #5: Not Hiring an Experienced Content Marketing Company

The biggest mistake any business can make when it comes to their content strategy is not teaming up with a reputable and experienced content marketing company. Luckily, you can find the best content marketing company at Digital Resource. Our team of content marketers know all the ins and outs of digital content and are prepared to do all the content research, writing, editing, and posting for you. Contact our content marketing team to get started today!